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Why Americans Refuse the Services of Canadian Pharmacies?

Canadian Health Care is not the best in the whole world anymore. Even many Canadians admit this fact. As well as their neighbors – U.S. citizens. There are still Canadian healthcare services that are much better and affordable than in the United States. But still more and more Americans refuse the services of Canadian doctors and hospitals. According to the ColoradoPolitics research article, a single-payer healthcare system in Canada is not more effective as it used to be. It is definitely less effective that achieving the universal health insurance coverage for every Canadian citizen. Yes, healthcare seems to cost much less in Canada than the U.S. citizens got used to pay in their home country. But the quality and quantity of healthcare resources is drastically lower than in the United States, from the many points of view. One of the recent studies proves that U.S. public-private healthcare system significantly outperforms […]

Generics – Are They A Good Alternative To Brand Drugs?

According to researchers, more than 20% of adult US citizens cannot afford to buy medications prescribed by their doctors. More to the point, over 13% of adult Americans report that they have a friend or a family member, who have died because of inability to pay for treatment prescribed by doctors. Those facts are horrifying, aren’t they? Consequently, both patients and doctors are constantly searching for solutions to this problem. And the most obvious variant is to switch to generics. Generics ― an Affordable Alternative to Prescription Medications First of all, let us define what generics are. Generics are the copies of brand medications, which are produced by other manufacturers. Generic medicines are very similar to originals: They contain the same active ingredients. They act in an identical way. The selection of dosages is the same or wider. If dosage strength is identical, a patient can take a generic in […]

The Risks Of Incorrect Viagra Use And How To Avoid Pitfalls

Viagra is the most popular erectile dysfunction medication in the world, so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of people out there who misuse it either intentionally or unintentionally. Nowadays, with the availability of affordable generic options, it has become even easier for anyone to buy the medication whenever they want. When it comes to consuming any drugs, it’s important to determine whether you will benefit from them or not, as every individual is completely different. If you are serious about your treatment and want to avoid the pitfalls of Viagra misuse, continue reading. When is Viagra prescribed to patients? As it was mentioned previously, Viagra for men is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and it should be prescribed by a medical specialist after undergoing a physical examination and possible laboratory tests. Viagra is used to treat physical erectile issues i.e. those that develop due to some […]

What Will Happen After Mixing Cialis (Tadalafil) and Viagra (Sildenafil)?

Viagra and Cialis are the world’s most popular medications prescribed for the treatment of acute or chronic erectile dysfunction. These branded meds are based on the active substances – Sildenafil and Tadalafil – that belong to the same class of PDE5 inhibitors. Since these medications are in the same drug family, they act approximately in the same way: after using, they cause the dilation of the vessels of a penis. Basically, both drugs just pump enough blood to a penis to make it harder when a man is aroused. My Canadian Pharmacy believe that combining Viagra and Cialis or generic ED pills based on the same active components is a bad idea. However, some medics recommend using both drugs, though at different time. What does it mean? You may take Viagra and then Cialis pills or vice versa but within a 24-hour interval. Suppose, you have a date, you take […]

Big Retail Pharmacy Network vs Small Drugstores Working Online

One of the biggest advancements of the online market is the development of telemedicine. While big retail pharmacy network spreads the assets throughout one country, conquering the small brands, online pharmacies may encompass even bigger audience. To reach a doctor by clicking the designated button on one site sounds more convenient than staying in a queue observing other patients who are eager to know what you order. But, at the same time the competition is still on, and who will win is a matter of time and money. Regarding the timings, any businessmen try to dedicate as much time to rent the location, hire onsite employees, and organize a physical supply of equipment and do not forget about the delivery services. Once, if you run a business online, fewer efforts are involved and more efficiency can be reached by using only SEO tools. Both parties also require enough money to […]

Types of Prescription Forms for the Use in Canadian Pharmacies

The same as legal driving requires a designated license, the same procedure may relatively be compared to buying the medications. There is a wide range of pharmaceutical aid and some of the remedies cannot be distributed without a prescription. To get one, a consultation with a doctor is a must. However, patients may come across rogues who sell some strong drugs without this documentation, and it may lead first off to illegal consequences, and in some cases to deterioration of the person’s well-being. When turning to reliable and accredited online pharmacies in Canada, prepare a valid prescription form to get access to controlled medicines. What Drugs Do Require This Form? First of all, if taking into consideration the best sellers, a person may need this paper for various analgesics, antidepressants, lipid-lowering drugs, proton pump inhibitors, and antidiabetic agents. The first group of analgesics is the leading type in Canada, and […]