Big Retail Pharmacy Network vs Small Drugstores Working Online

One of the biggest advancements of the online market is the development of telemedicine. While big retail pharmacy network spreads the assets throughout one country, conquering the small brands, online pharmacies may encompass even bigger audience. To reach a doctor by clicking the designated button on one site sounds more convenient than staying in a queue observing other patients who are eager to know what you order. But, at the same time the competition is still on, and who will win is a matter of time and money.

Regarding the timings, any businessmen try to dedicate as much time to rent the location, hire onsite employees, and organize a physical supply of equipment and do not forget about the delivery services. Once, if you run a business online, fewer efforts are involved and more efficiency can be reached by using only SEO tools. Both parties also require enough money to promote the services, but everyone will agree that to get fast profit, it is better to operate online. Who has the potential to occupy the pharmaceutical market?

Why Big Retailers?

Big Retail PharmacyThe rapid growth of retail pharmacies is seen over the last decades in the USA and Canada, however, there are always more targets and new approaches to widen this service even more. All pharmacies in these two countries are private and patients always seek the opportunity to turn to official representatives. At the same time, some distributors are located in supermarkets and groceries. And, they gain the leads only because of a convenient location. For example, a person wants to buy cough pills while he is queueing in the supermarket and from where there is 100% visibility to the branded pharmacy. So, a person decides on saving his time to go there to buy fast medication instead of visiting other distributors. Such events make big retailers become a source where only 60% of prescriptive and non-prescriptive drugs are sold.

Besides, big retailers require many strategies and a plan to run a profitable business, because to build a pharmacy with hiring dedicated staff can take a few months. Once, the “grocery” pharma distributors that like cockroaches sell the remedies moving from one location to another one after announcing being irrelevant on one particular spot, actually do not lose money.

What about prices? The cost of medications in-network pharmacies is almost the same or slightly expensive compared to independent distributors. But, the last party is more attentive to customers’ needs, and again their location is always convenient. Besides, do not forget that insurance plays an important role when choosing the place. Patients usually pay 10–15% of the cost of a drug, or may even receive it for free. Thus, to find a pharmacy that has even cheaper remedies, will be beneficial to the pocket of seekers.

Why Online Drugstores?

Surprisingly, not all the people know that online pharmacy exists, and probably only this fact deprives such companies of earning more money. But, also those people are not aware of the benefits these drug stores provide people with. To not beat about the bush, it is again the location. You may sit at home browsing the search engine and compare the prices of each pharmacy. Moreover, some third-party services offer to compare them for you, and as a result, a person feels like a boss saving time and effort.

If speaking of their relevance today, it is worth mentioning that they are helpful for people who are sick and do not want to leave home infecting others to reach community pharmacy. Then, for disabled patients who mostly stay at home, or just for busy office workers who do not have time. And, you know, it is even a perfect way for lazybones, that seek the purchase button and lay on the sofa waiting for a delivery guy. What else?

  1. Lower prices. Even though big retailers conduct seasonal offers, promotions, discounts, nothing can be compared to the marketing trick of online businessmen. They may reduce the price twice, and add 90% off the drug.
  2. Loyalty programs. If a patient regularly intakes drugs, and refers to one company, through some time he can apply for the designated loyalty programs. For instance, with them, you can get discounts, presents from a pharmacy, and various bonuses connected to inviting friends to join the drugstore as well.
  3. Reimbursement and refund policy. Frankly speaking, the big retailers rarely disclose information about the refund policy. And do someone thinks it is possible to get back spent money? Online buyers think yes.
  4. Availability of remedies. No need to go a few time to community pharmacy to check if a cold syrup is finally available. Most of the online distributors always have in stock the best sellers. Otherwise, they may offer to try affordable analogs.
  5. Prescription online? Yes, any patient after filling in the dedicated form for buying a prescription drug can receive it with no trouble. And, even to get the prescription after indicating the medical history.
  6. Customer support. How many people were treated unprofessionally when speaking to pharmacists in the community? Hopefully only some, but such events are not a rarity. The online market demands from pharmaceutical employees to be representatives of top-notch service. Thus, you will be treated like a friend, all the data remains confidential, and you get positive emotions when ordering even contraception products.

This is just a small list of advantages because they vary as seasons throughout Canada. But, compared to big retailers, a person should be more careful when choosing an online drugstore. The only cons are that there are lots of rogues who sell non-existing drugs, and that may even steal credentials data from the buyers. Choose only reliable parties that have the legit and necessary documentation to run this occupation.

Who Win?

Both options are good. But, there is one tip for people who see no relevance in big retailers. Check whether they have an online website where you can the same order the items without visiting it in person. Sometimes, such companies have them but do not announce such an option, thus people are tied with glue to visiting them in the neighborhood. Otherwise, refer to small drugstores that work online, and enjoy unlimited bonuses.