Mission Vision Values

My Canadian Pharmacy is a platform that combines the biggest advantages of both traditional and online drugstores. Our mission is to provide our clients with the excellent shopping experience. Our main value is the well-being of our customers. We pay attention to every detail so that they get better within the shortest possible period of time and avoid any problems and difficulties associated with the use of medications.

How do we do that?

  • We offer a huge selection of healthcare goods. In our catalog you can find everything you may need for taking care of your health and beauty: starting from over-the-counter and prescription drugs to medical measuring devices, cosmetics and products for babies. You will not have to waste time on surfing dozens of websites in search of the goods needed and that will help you save plenty of time. Sure, in case you cannot find the product you need in our catalog, we will make every effort to add it or to offer a suitable alternative. Feel free to contact our support team.
  • We strive to offer the lowest prices. Billions of people from both developing and prospering countries suffer from the problem of unbearable drug prices and have to give away the shirts off their backs to buy the medicines needed. That’s why we pay so much attention to cost issues. While negotiating with manufacturers and suppliers, we do our best to get the most profitable deals for our customers.
  • We make sure every item from our catalog meets the highest quality standards. When it comes to buying or selling medicines, the effectiveness and safety of products are the first thing one should pay attention to. On the Internet you can see hundreds of websites offering all sort of drugs at highly affordable prices. Still, that doesn’t mean that they are worth considering or trying. In most cases, such platforms distribute counterfeit products or just get money out of their clients and disappear afterwards. As for My Canadian Pharmacy, we check every certificate and license to protect our customers from medicines made of chalk and dangerous products.
  • We work with highly experienced pharmacists. Pharmacists are an indispensable part of a healthcare system. Their functions are not limited to selling medicines only. Our pharmacists will provide you with complex support. For example, you can turn to them to get a consultation on your health problems and the products chosen or assistance in dealing with side effects.
  • We provide quick, convenient and reliable delivery services. When you purchase your medications at My Canadian Pharmacy, you do not have to spend time on visiting a post office. We will bring your package right to your home or office. The waiting period will depend on the distance, still, it will not exceed a couple of days. As for our operation area, we serve customers from Canada, the USA and a number of European countries.
  • We offer a range of additional services. We can help you deal with all sort of problems and difficulties related to taking care of your health. So we conduct thematic training sessions, give vaccinations, dispose waste medications, provide professional assistance in managing high blood pressure and other health problems, offer screening services, help retirement houses and similar facilities to manage internal pharmacies, etc.
  • We guarantee 100% privacy. We realize that you do not want anybody to learn about your health problems, so we make every effort to protect your personal information. We will not write any information about the drugs ordered either in the bill or on the package, so that your neighbors do not read it by accident.

If you are looking for a drugstore that combines a huge assortment, reasonable prices and top-quality service, My Canadian Pharmacy is a perfect choice. Place an order and see that for yourself.