Facts, Perks And Methods Of My Canadian Pharmacy

Almost 10 years ago, as a traditional stationary pharmacy, MCP decided to innovate. We wanted to serve our customers outside business hours, offer more services and even a wider choice. But above all, we wanted to stop high drug prices. We have combined the best aspects of a traditional pharmacy with the innovations and opportunities provided by online commerce.

My Canadian Pharmacy and its team welcome you to give you the best advice for your health. It’s important to remember that we do more than just give you medications prescribed by your doctor. We advise you on their use, possible side-effects and contraindications, which we know thoroughly. We can help you better manage your treatment plan and achieve the goals set by your doctor. Blood pressure monitoring, health information, assistance in taking medication: your pharmacist is at your disposal according to your needs.

Your Well-Being Is Our Top Priority

“The health of our customers is important to us, which is why my team of pharmacists are here for you.” Dr. Tom Farrell 

We are always there for you: you can reach us 365 days a year online, on the phone or via live chat. With our wide range of products, you always have a great deal of choice and can order easily, cheaply and safely.

Whether you have a cold or you have a chronic illness, we are always available to listen and advise you. Like your doctor, your pharmacist is an important partner in health care. He has great responsibilities that include your safety every time he delivers a drug. Just like your doctor is the specialist in diseases and diagnosis, your pharmacist is the specialist par excellence of drugs. In collaboration with your doctor, he accompanies you and follows the evolution of your treatment.

At our pharmacy, you can count on the personalized and competent advice of a team of more than 50 pharmacists and pharmaceutical employees. With 5 million satisfied customers and around 60,000 parcels delivered daily in the U.S. and Canada, MCP is one of the most successful online pharmacies in the North America. We have the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and services.

The Charter of the My Canadian Pharmacy

A patient is at the center of our concerns. We favor his adherence to treatment. A patient is offered a follow-up and a therapeutic education of quality through a permanent communication between doctors and the team of the pharmacy. We make a qualitative change in the way your necessities are taken care of, following stringent standards imposed by Canadian Pharmacy family of e-stores. The efficiency and the economics of treatments are permanent concerns. The safety of treatment is ensured by the regular maintenance and consultation of a patient, during the time of each delivery of medicines, constant checking of the history of prescriptions and monitoring of self-medication.

The use of generics is promoted, but without disrupting treatments. Promotion and health education are provided by:

We are committed to quality continuing education and regularly confront our practice to improve the benefits to our patients. 

Customer Service: Enjoyable Shopping

You have no time to stop by or you need special support? Now we are also accessible online 24/7. We offer many useful services from delivery or emergency services to discreet consultation in the consultation area. We are also happy to offer our customers a gift service and loyalty points.

Items that we do not have in stock are ordered and are usually there for you within a few hours.

A coupon is an excellent gift idea for birthdays, Christmas or special occasions.

With us you will find beautiful and meaningful gifts, which we pack for you with love for free.

We have compiled patient information on numerous topics that you can ask for free at any time.

Do not you have time to come to us, or are you not mobile? Then we come to you. Our delivery service is available daily from Monday to Saturday.

Medicines and chemicals are not in the waste. We dispose of your products correctly, environmentally friendly and free of charge.

The supply of medicines is guaranteed around the clock. Outside of shop opening hours, on Sundays and public holidays, the service pharmacy can be reached online or on the phone for medical emergencies.

Research studies and scientific articles that are published regularly captivate with their great value. They are written by journalists who have a sound knowledge of medicine, research and well-being. In addition to current health topics, they also report on trend sports, research interesting reports and put together useful tips on current health topics. The articles are available free of charge.

Services and Facilities Are Tailored to Your Needs







If you run out of time or if for any other reason it is impossible for you to visit local pharmacies, you have the possibility of having your medication home delivered: we offer our customers a free home delivery service from Monday to Friday. Our delivery man will bring you your medicine between 10AM and 12PM. Express orders by phone before 9AM will be delivered the same day. 

Our state-of-the-art logistics center is one of the most modern of its kind. Every day, several thousand parcels are sent from our center to our customers in Canada, the U.S. and even in some European countries. Our employees ensure the smooth running of your orders on a large surface. – Our logistics center offers space for more than 150,000 products and ensures fast and reliable deliveries to our customers with a high level of service. Thanks to this great capacity and our technological know-how, we set new standards in terms of warehousing and logistics.


Do you need crutches after an operation or injury? We suggest you rent them from us.

Baby scales

We are looking forward to the birth of your child. Thanks to our scales with digital screen and adapted tray, you will be able to observe and control the evolution of its weight.

Electric breast pump

We offer an electric breast pump faster, more efficient than manual breast pumps, and usable with one or two sets. Thanks to its unique technique combining a stimulation phase followed by an expression one and imitating the baby’s sucking rhythm, this pump represents one of the most comfortable and effective breast pumps.

We offer our personalized support and professional expertise to nursing and retirement homes. They can benefit from comprehensive assistance tailored to their needs to increase the safety of their patients. We deliver medicines and medical items, prepare weekends for patients and participate in the management of internal pharmacies. Moreover, we organize training sessions on the proper use of medicines and pharmaceutical quality assurance.

Are you struggling to get by with all your medications? An interview with a pharmacist will certainly help you. The polymedication counseling is for patients who take at least 4 different medications prescribed by a doctor for a period of more than 3 months. The goal is to help you keep an overview of your treatment and increase the effectiveness of your therapy.

We discuss the amount, dosage and timing to optimize your treatment, we will also discuss the action and also the classic side-effects of each drug. The interview with a pharmacist of about twenty minutes is carried out in our consulting space. The cost of this maintenance can be covered by the basic insurance, which reimburses two such interviews a year.

The pharmacists can offer you various vaccinations without medical prescription. Healthy people over the age of 16 can carry out the following vaccinations at the pharmacy:

  1. Seasonal flu;
  2. Immunizations.

Old drugs are special waste. For reasons of safety and environmental protection, they must be disposed of separately. My Canadian Pharmacy takes back the drugs you no longer need or are out of date for free, and takes care of their disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

In order to book goods at the pharmacy, you need to call on the phone or make a reservation on the website around the clock. All orders are formed in the pharmacy and collected by qualified specialists. Operator callback and order collection will take only 15 minutes.

How it works:

Coupons And Other Benefits For Our Customers

The official My Canadian Pharmacy website, in an readily presented manner, provides information about more than 150,000 drugs, including instructions for use, information about analogues and their cost. It is safe to purchase medicines in a virtual pharmacy (only certified products are sold) and profitable (direct contracts with drug manufacturers and major distributors allow the online pharmacy to maintain relatively low prices). Discount Rx coupons also contribute to a significant reduction in the cost of the order.

This kind of promotion applies to products with special yellow price tags. Coupons that qualify for a discount are valid until a certain period from the date of issue and are used once and are not cumulative with other coupons. The discount indicated on the coupon applies to a limited range of products.

The discount amount indicated in the coupons is the maximum possible discount size provided for this coupon and is indicated for informational purposes. The amount of the coupon discount actually offered is indicated in the additional field of the price tag of the goods participating in the promotion.

The offer is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer. This coupon system allows you to one-time purchase of goods at a promotional price in pharmacies of the pharmacy warehouse network. For one coupon, it is possible to purchase no more than 10 units of each item of goods participating in the promotion. The quantity of goods is limited. It is not a public offer.

Your Loyalty Is Rewarded

Enjoy the many benefits of our pharmacy loyalty card and collect valuable points for every purchase. You also benefit during the presentation of prescriptions. Make your choice: you can redeem cash checks or use them as a voucher with a 25% bonus. Collecting points is a breeze: present your card at each purchase and your account will be credited with additional points (excluding packages and taxes). At the end of each quarter, we will send you a statement of account, provided you have collected the minimum number of points.

Our Goal Is to Help You Keep Health As Long As Possible

My Canadian Pharmacy is engaged in health promotion and provides information through various brochures and windows designed by it and updated regularly. We treat chronic diseases, news in the health field and are active in cardiovascular disease prevention campaigns.

In this context, our service offers to perform particular monitoring, such as:

If you want to do a check-up that includes these elements, we offer a cardio testing by means of which we can assess your cardiovascular risk factors and your individual risk profile. Contact us to make an appointment!

Colon Cancer Screening

Today, colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the U.S and Canada. It can take up to 10 years to develop symptoms. Diagnosed early enough, he can be cured. Prevention consists in the practice of a colonoscopy by a specialized doctor. However, this exam is not very pleasant to practice and expensive. A preliminary screening test exists and allows to be guided only if necessary, to a colonoscopy. Through an individual interview, the risk is assessed and a test will be given if necessary. It must be done at home and sent to the responsible laboratory for analysis. The results are communicated ten days later to MCP and we will contact you to discuss.

Allergy Check

One in five people in Canada is suffering from an allergy, and the trend is rising. The immune system of those affected reacts exaggeratedly to harmless substances. Pollen, house dust, insect bites or food can cause unpleasant and occasionally dangerous symptoms. These substances are called allergens. With suitable drugs and behavioral changes, the allergic symptoms can be treated well. Even better is to avoid the triggers of allergic complaints if possible – these are often several substances. With the allergy check you know your allergy profile in a few minutes. A drop of blood from your finger tests ten common allergens that are absorbed into the body via the respiratory tract:

After the result has been determined, your health coach will also advise you in the discreet care room about the right treatment method.

Your Confidentiality Is Out of Question

The personal data necessary for your identification, as well as all your coordinates, are treated confidentially and are not transmitted to third persons or companies in compliance with the laws in force on privacy. The ‘import a recipe’ function allows you to send us the medical prescription in electronic format directly from your smartphone or personal computer. We will have time to prepare the medicines you need. We remind you that if you are insured with a health insurance provider who applies the third guarantor reimbursement method, you must pay for the drugs directly at the pharmacy at the time of collection and have your health insurance reimburse you later.

Professionals In Generic Equivalent Finding

My Canadian Pharmacy relies on advice and quality. The manufacturers of generic drugs do that too. We believe that it fits together well and therefore specifically promote the delivery of generic drugs. If a patent protection of a drug has expired, it may be a successor drug – a so-called generic. It contains the same active pharmaceutical active ingredients as the original preparation in the same amount and dosage form. It may differ in terms of excipients, appearance and packaging. A generic product has the same impact and side-effects as the original. It is, however, cheaper.

Our pharmacy has long targeted the delivery of generic drugs. Our wide experience in the consultation and delivery of generic drugs guarantees you a good compatibility and it relieves the healthcare of the United States and Canada. Often, generics even have advantages compared to the original because of an improvement in the dosage form. For a rheumatic patient, for example, it makes a difference whether a pack is easier to open or the tablet can be pressed with less force through the blister and, finally, whether the label is easy to read.

Health Program for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) usually develops slowly, without those affected notice something. However, the risk of complications such as heart attack or stroke is high. That is why we offers you an in-depth advice on high blood pressure as a supplement to your doctor’s treatment. Do you want to easily determine your cardiovascular values? Or do you have questions about your blood pressure medication? Are you interested in how you can positively influence your blood pressure? In this case, our health program is just right for you.

Program Sequence

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