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My Canadian Pharmacy –

My Canadian Pharmacy is the company, which takes one of the leading positions in the global Internet pharma market. Every day we serve thousands of customers from all around the world.

What is the reason for such popularity? We treat the well-being of users as the top priority, which means that we make every effort to help each and every customer to become healthier without overpaying or putting the health or money at risk.

The point is that we have been operating in this sphere for years, so, we have already got a clear idea of our customers’ needs, as well as of all the risks associated with online shopping. We have managed to create the safe and comfortable environment, where users can focus on taking care of the health and leave dealing with all the other associated issues to us.

As Oxford pharmacy customer, you can be sure that you will be offered a huge selection of health care products of the best quality, attractive prices, fast and safe international delivery, as well as comprehensive assistance 24/7.

The Premium-Quality Drugs at the Best Prices

We realize that the safety and effectiveness of products make a huge impact on the customers’ health, therefore, we make every effort to ensure that every item from our catalog meets the current international standards.

First of all, we take the selection of manufacturers seriously. Before starting to collaborate with a company, we scrupulously examine its reputation and reliability, as well as check whether it has all the licenses required. No doubt, due to our extensive experience, we can easily unmask all sorts of fraudsters and businessmen that are not worth trusting. We believe that our spotless reputation is one of our biggest values and, consequently, take proper care of it.

Secondly, we pay much attention to the observance of storage instructions, since any violations may lead to spoilage. You can be sure that we maintain the conditions, which are recommended by producers, in all the warehouses.

Also, we are constantly monitoring the customers’ feedback in order to make sure they are satisfied with the quality of goods.

Sure, due to our extensive experience of working in the pharma business, we have established partnerships with a wide range of reliable manufacturers. Consequently, we have the opportunity to get additional discounts and bonuses for our customers.

In addition, due to the fact that we operate online, we can avoid expenses related to the maintenance of offline outlets. Certainly, we use that advantage to reduce our prices to a reasonable minimum.

It is well-known that today billions of people from both developing and prospering countries cannot afford to buy medications prescribed. So, we strive to provide such patients with the access to quality drugs from Canada at the prices, which they can afford.

Using Oxford Canadian pharmacy, you will see that you can safely buy medications at the prices, which are much more affordable than those at local offline drugstores, and be sure that they are both safe and effective.

Note that there is a significant chance that surfing the Internet you will see at least a couple of websites offering cheaper prices. But in most cases these are fraudsters selling counterfeit medications or stealing money, so, think twice before using their services. Keep in mind that, when it comes to purchasing medications, any quality problems are likely to lead to adverse health consequences. There is no need to put the health and wellbeing at risk.

The Selection of Products in My Canadian Pharmacy

When forming our assortment, we have done our best to include all the items you and your family may need for taking good care of the health and beauty:

It is crucial to highlight that on our website you can order both brand medicines and their generic versions, which can help you reduce expenses by several times. What are generics? These are products that contain the same active ingredients as the original medication and produce the same effects, but cost less, due to the fact that their manufacturers do not have to invest in researches, development, testing and patenting and place production facilities in developing countries mainly.

As it has been mentioned above, all the products, which are offered at our pharmacy, meet the international quality standards and produce effects specified by manufacturers. So, you can safely switch to generic alternatives, if you want to cut drug expenses. There is no need to overpay for a brand name after all.

The Highly-Profitable Promotions and Discounts

As it has been noted before, we strive to keep prices at a minimum. But also we regularly run all sorts of promotions, which allows customers to save even more:

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Our goal is to make sure that each and every customer is entirely satisfied with the level of our service. My Canadian Pharmacy is not just a website distributing medications, in practice, we offer the comprehensive health care support. And we believe that, when it comes to serving customers, there cannot be any trifles. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail ― from the functionality of the website to the selection of the available shipping and payment methods. Sure, we keep on improving our online pharmacy day after day, taking into account the customers’ feedback, the innovations entering the market and the current tendencies.

As a result, we have managed to earn the reputation of the pharmacy, which is focused on the customers’ needs and preferences in the first place, and to form the extensive client base.

The Qualified Assistance in Solving Health Problems

My Canadian Pharmacy is the company that provides an extensive range of services, including free consultations with experienced medical specialists. If you have any questions about any health problems, feel free to contact our pharmacist 24/7.

Note that, in order to give useful and informative advice, the specialist will need certain information about your health status and the medications, which you are currently taking. So, before sending a request, please, prepare answers to the following questions:

Please, be sure to provide all the information, required by the pharmacist, since that will affect the effectiveness of the consultation. Sure, such an online consultation should not be treated as an alternative to a visit to a doctor. We insist that, before buying any prescription medications, you should undergo the medical observation. But, if you do not have the opportunity to make an appointment at the doctor’s right now, our pharmacist can provide you with answers to urgent questions and to clarify the situation a bit.

The Warranty of 100% Privacy

No doubt, any information about health problems should be kept private. But, when visiting an offline drugstore, you have to discuss the health issues with a pharmacist in front of other customers, and that may be embarrassing. Besides, there is a risk that you will meet a colleague, a neighbor or an acquaintance, and that may give start to all sorts of discussions and gossips. In fact, there is no way to avoid such risks when using the services of offline facilities.

On the other hand, when buying medications online, it is much easier to protect the personal information. Using the services of our drugstore, you can look through the catalog, place an order, have a consultation with a pharmacist and make a payment without leaving the home. As a result, nobody will learn anything about your health problems without your permission. By the way, for you to feel absolutely comfortable, you can have online consultations with our specialists on an anonymous basis. In such a case you will be able to openly discuss the intimate issues without feeling embarrassed.

More to the point, we will also take other additional steps to protect your privacy. For example, we will indicate the details of your order neither in the bill nor on the package. So, even if someone from your family takes the parcel from the mailbox instead of you, he will not learn anything about your health problems.

The Security of Personal and Banking Information

Certainly, we are well aware of the risks associated with online shopping, that is why we use the reliable technologies to protect all the data, which you share with us. Oxford Pharmacy IT specialists are constantly monitoring the operation of our security system in order to prevent any unauthorized access.

As for our privacy policy, we do not share the customers’ personal information with any third-parties for commercial purposes: we treat your privacy with respect and will never try to make money from your trust. All the information, which is gathered, is used for either serving the customers of the pharmacy or improving the service itself. So, you can safely give us the shipping address, the email address and other contact information, we will use it in strict compliance with the privacy policy, which you can find on our website.

The Highly-Beneficial Shipping Terms

No doubt, when it comes to ordering any goods on the Internet, the quality of the delivery services plays a key role, since it makes a huge impact on the overall shopping experience.

Here are the main facts, which you should know about our shipping services:

Ordering medications at My Canadian Pharmacy, you can safely count on receiving them in the perfect condition within the terms agreed. You will not have to worry that you will run out of supplies, because of the underperformance of the transportation company.

As you can see, our website, which can help you avoid the majority of problems and inconveniences associated with buying medications. Become our customer, and we will show you how to take care of your health in a much more enjoyable and affordable way without covering heavy drug expenses or wasting time on standing in lines.

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