Money Back Policy: How To Return A Purchase

According to the Bureau of Consumer Protection, and FDA, there are several pharmaceutical and medical goods that are included in the list of non-returnable items. The document mentions as well that a consumer has full rights to exchange returnable products only in case they do not satisfy in shape, size, style, color or other valid reasons that can be proven. Note, other reasons should be approved by the retailer who sold one or another product. In particular, this measure exists to ensure a good was not spoiled by the customer himself.

The FDA approved the list of the following pharmaceutical/medical/cosmetical goods, even of good quality that is not subject to exchange or return:

  • cosmetic products;
  • hygiene products;
  • baby products;
  • opened packages of drugs;
  • used drugs.

The Products One Can Return

My Canadian Pharmacy is always ready to make advances with all the clients.

For this purpose, one can return the following items in case they are of good/poor quality or in case of the delivery/distribution violation from a pharmacy or deliver company side:

  • poor quality products;
  • the parcel does not contain the items ordered;
  • unused products;
  • products of suspicious appearance and the ones provoking hesitations about authenticity and quality.

Please, in case of receiving such pharmaceutical products, make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

How to Exchange or Return Products

If you received a parcel with goods of poor quality or you found out that a drug has a defect, send us to email to Please, mention in the email — RETURN. Attach a photo of the defect, label, and packaging. After, you will be contacted by one of our representatives for a follow-up. Keep in mind, you can return a product only within two weeks. All the inquiries received after are not subject to exchange.

Money is returned by bank transfer specified and mentioned during the registering process by the customer. Refunds take averagely up to one week after receiving the defected goods to the warehouse.

Recommendations from the My Canadian Pharmacy

  1. Our team encourages everyone who receives a parcel to check and inspect it carefully in the presence of the courier or in the post office. You can always refuse to take it upon the arrival, in case of any defects.
  2. One cannot return a product after any single-use or damage to the packaging caused by him.
  3. If you accepted the parcel, released the courier or left the post office, it means that you were satisfied with the quality of a purchased product.
  4. All received pharmaceutical items should match descriptions mentioned on the website. If the only difference lays in the design or visual elements, it does not make a product a poor quality item. Some packaging of drugs is subject to change in manufacturers. From our side, we guarantee the authenticity of everything we reveal for sale.