Personal Data Processing: Our Privacy Policy

Present information deals with the My Canadian Pharmacy privacy policy which users have to acknowledge, confirm their consent, and continue using the website. It will reveal details of security and confidentiality terms, and terms of use of the website pages. If at any time possible, you do not agree with the below-mentioned information, we encourage you to leave the website and find an alternative. We do not bear any responsibility if you continue using the website after disagreeing with the mentioned terms.

General Provisions

The privacy policy is an inherent document posted and available on the Internet at By reading the policy, or registering with the service, you voluntarily demonstrate that you agree with the following rules. You allow us to collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, use, transfer, block all data provided by you. At the same time, any user of this service can withdraw his consent by sending us an email mentioning the reason. The laws of the USA apply to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data

In this Privacy Policy, personal data is defined as the following:

  • Information provided by the User about himself both when registering and authorizing. It involves full name, mobile number, email, date of birth, gender, and any other information giving us a clear idea about one as a user;
  • Information transmitted automatically by one’s software. It involves IP address, cookie, software and equipment details.
  1. MCP is not responsible for the processes for using the User’s personal data by external websites.
  2. MCP does not verify the authenticity of all the provided user’s information. It truly believes one acts in good faith and puts maximum efforts to update it whenever it is required.

Personal Data Usage

We carry out one’s personal data with the purpose of:

  1. Conclusion of contracts for the service.
  2. Identification of users.
  3. Provision of communication with users as a part of services and improvement of quality of delivering the services.
  4. Realization of marketing, statistics, and other researches aimed to improve the services.

Change of Personal Data

At any time, a user can independently change his personal information provided during registering and authorization. One can delete an account whenever there is no more need for its usage. My Canadian Pharmacy has the right to store log files involving a user’s actions on the website.

Site Usage

Using any service or functions or having completed the registration, one accepts the terms of this agreement.

  1. MCP is authorized to carry out retail trade of pharmaceutical products.
  2. Descriptions of products such as drugs, health supplements published and distributed with this service are for reference only. It should be followed only after receiving the consent of a dedicated expert. Products have contraindications, and side effects in case of any improper application.
  3. The sale contract is considered concluded between the User and MCP at the moment of payment for the pharmaceutical goods.
  4. The prices mentioned on the website are valid and presented in US dollars.
  5. Placing orders may have a minimum order amount limit. In some cases, there is none.

Registration Process

To receive the services of My Canadian Pharmacy in full, one should proceed with the registration procedure, as a result of which, one will have a personal account. For registration, one indicates valid and complete information about himself and is obliged to keep it updated. By registering, one accepts the Policy. If MCP understands the personal data is invalid, it reserves the full right to block or delete the user’s account. To enter the personal account, one should use a login and password. We encourage you to store it safely and do not share it with others. A user is the only responsible party for the security of his login and password. In case of any unauthorized access to one’s personal account, a user should address immediately this concern to a provider of services.

Recommendations on Confidentiality

Please note, MCP may post the links or ads from third parties. By clicking them, and being redirected to the third-party websites, you should acknowledge their Privacy Policy. Once one is no longer on the MCP domain, it does not carry any responsibility.

From our side, we ensure any links, ads, or informational articles are up to date and checked for safety. If you hesitate about the safety of third parties, please do not click on the links.

No one from our employees in MCP has a right to retrieve one’s personal data for illegal purposes such as commercial and promotional. The only acceptable usage is carried out in order to check the statistics and general status of the service. Note, it does not mean there will be manifestations of revealing one person without his consent. It just helps us to deliver more qualitative services.

Upon hiring specialists, they sign an agreement in which one should agree to store, protect, and use one’s personal data in a decent manner. In case of any violation, they discontinue working.

If you have any concerns regarding the Privacy Policy, Security and Confidentiality, please feel free to contact our representatives using our contact methods. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible. If you find any discrepancies in this Policy, we welcome all recommendations or feedback on our email.

Your Confidentiality and Security with My Canadian Pharmacy is a top priority.