Staying safe in and around Oxford is an important part of student life. Here are a few helpful resources, services, and tips that will keep you safe.


Make sure you register with a General Practitioner in Oxford, in case you need medical treatment.

Mental Health

If you have a diagnosed mental health condition and would like support while you are at Oxford contact an Advisor at the Student Advice Service.

Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted infections are easy to avoid by using a condom. Sign up to get free condoms via the C Card scheme with your Welfare Officer or at OUSU.

If you think you have an STI you can visit your GP or the GUM clinic in Oxford. The Student Advice Service in partnership with Oxfordshire Heath Services are holding events this term offering free HIV and Chlamydia tests, contact an Advisor for more information.


Alcohol plays quite a big a part in student life. There are drinking clubs and societies, the college bop and games such as 'Pennying'. If you feel you want to speak with someone about your use of alcohol or drugs contact the Student Advice Service.

Getting home after a night out

Before you go out it’s a good idea to think how you will get home. Taxis are plentiful in Oxford have the phone number for one or two taxi companies in your mobile phone.

If you walk home stay where it is lit and where plenty of people or cars will be passing. If you're wearing headphones, only wear one as this will keep you alert to your surroundings.

Personal alarms are available at cost price from OUSU. They can fit in the palm of your hand and will sound a deafening shriek when the pin is pulled. You can obtain one from your college Welfare Officer, or contact OUSU's Reception & Services Administrator (Monday-Friday, 9:30am to 6:00pm).


Oxford is a cycle friendly city, so make use of cycle routes. To keep safe, make sure you wear a helmet, as well as reflective clothing and fit your bike with lights - a white front light and red rear light. Regularly check your bike is in good working order especially the brakes. Be mindful of pedestrians and don’t go through pedestrian crossings when the lights are on red.

If you would like to take a bike training course Broken Spoke Bike Co-op offer courses for adults.

Keeping your property safe


Unfortunately cycle crime does happen so don't buy an expensive bike just to ride to University. It’s best to use a D Lock ( you can buy one at cost price form OUSU) and always lock your bike to cycle hoops or in a secure cycle storage area and remove any lights, use locking wheel nuts on your wheels and remove the saddle if portable. The University security service will mark your bike with a unique code so that the Police can trace your bike back to you if it is stolen and recovered.

Belongings in accommodation

Don't leave laptops or mobile phones in view of open windows, it takes seconds to reach in from the street to grab something. Backup your work to an external drive that's kept separately to your computer so if the worst happens, at least you will have your work!

Laptops and Phones

We recommend you register these items at Immobilize so that the Police can trace your items back to you.


Never let people know passwords to you computers or online services and don't divulge your banking PIN numbers to anyone, even your friends.


Insure your goods. The NUS recommend Endesleigh Insurance who have insurance policies designed for students needs.

Community Wardens

OUSU employs Student Community Wardens in sites around the city. Community Wardens liaise with local communities and help make students and the city safer. If you would like to how to become a Community Warden contact the OUSU VP Charities & Community.

If you need help, contact:
  • Police (Non emergency) 101
  • Police (Emergency) 999
  • University Security (non emergency) 01865 (2) 72944
  • University Security (Emergency) 01865 (2) 89999
  • Student Advice Service 01865 288466