Healthcare Team: Pharmacies & Health Watch Specialists

Caregiving is their virtue and primary life aspiration

Healthcare is not an abstract thing because it implies a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical specialists. Each of them performs a particular function in the system, thus helping the patients receive proper and timely treatment. You hardly think about the things that lie behind your regular visit to the physician for another prescription.

Main Groups of Healthcare Providers

  1. Doctors;
  2. Nurses;
  3. Pharmacists;
  4. Administrative Staff;
  5. Technicians;
  6. Therapists.


They are considered the core members of the system. They have to study and get through medical practice for years and years before they receive the right to treat people and prescribe medications. A doctor does not have the right to mistake. Your regular doctor, aka physician, is the first person you get in touch with when you suffer from painful or disturbing health indicators or symptoms. The doctoral staff includes:

  • Cardiologists;
  • Oncologists;
  • Surgeons;
  • Urologists;
  • Dentists;
  • Psychologists;
  • Neurologists;
  • Paediatricians.


They work in hospitals, private healthcare centres, regular and online pharmacies. Some people consider nurses even more important than general practitioners. Depending on their experience and education, nurses have different qualifications.


They invest their lifetime in learning and getting knowledge about hundreds of medications and their components. In fact, they know more about the ingredients of any drug than a general practitioner does. That’s the reason why they can:

  • Give more profound recommendations about the medication in your medical subscription plan;
  • Pick out a cheaper generic medicine with the same active ingredients in the core;
  • Share advice and choose an over-the-counter medication alternative a doctor might know nothing about;
  • Instruct the patients about the rules, precautions, possible dangers, and emergency measures.

Pharmacists consult all types of doctors about the characteristics and after-effects of the meds. The pharmaceutical market is continually developing, and the range of new brand and generic drugs is expanding. Moreover, experienced pharmacists know what exact reaction this or that combination of drugs will demonstrate.

Administrative Staff Members

Every system needs reliable and thoughtful people able to arrange the inner processes, deal with the paperwork, and prevent things from going the wrong way. Administrative staff members:

  • Handle the working schedules and appointments;
  • Deal with the payments to the medical staff members;
  • Sort the patients’ data;
  • Contact the insurance companies;
  • Help the medical and pharmaceutical specialists get in touch with each other;
  • Arrange the events and activities within the limits of the telemedicine system.

Hospitals and doctors’ offices are active thanks to these members of the healthcare team. They free the doctors from needless paperwork, letting them devote their time and thoughts to their patients.


Laboratory Technicians

Their duties include checking urine and blood samples doctors send to the laboratory. Only a professional technician can carry out the procedure. Basing on the provided information, a doctor gets a possibility to diagnose diseases and prescribe medications.

Radiology Technicians

Radiologists can diagnose basing on the information provided by the x-ray equipment. They can also deal with the prescriptions and clients of the pharmacies.


These members of the medical staff team are not regular doctors. Of course, they can act as regular physicians. However, their focus includes the patients’ movements, vision, speech, brain activity, the functionality of the organs, and anything that might cause problems after a long illness or operation. Their specialization is rehabilitation. Therapists can be:

  • They specialize in after-injury rehab procedure. They aim to restore the functionality of the patients’ muscles. Physical therapists work in cooperation with professional athletes.
  • They specialize in restoring essential coordination and motor skills. They often work with children of all ages and patients who have lost their motor skills after strokes and heart attacks.
  • They specialize in speech defects. They work with both the kids and adults, depending on the condition.

Online Pharmacies

There are constant on-going disputes about the necessity and safety of the online pharmaceutical business. Online drugstores are destined to make drug dispensing more straightforward and more cost-effective. Officially certified members of the online pharmaceutical community offer numerous benefits:

  • Great coverage;
  • Cheaper alternative meds;
  • Effective over-the-counter pills;
  • Urgent consultations.