Types of Prescription Forms for the Use in Canadian Pharmacies

The same as legal driving requires a designated license, the same procedure may relatively be compared to buying the medications. There is a wide range of pharmaceutical aid and some of the remedies cannot be distributed without a prescription. To get one, a consultation with a doctor is a must. However, patients may come across rogues who sell some strong drugs without this documentation, and it may lead first off to illegal consequences, and in some cases to deterioration of the person’s well-being. When turning to reliable and accredited online pharmacies in Canada, prepare a valid prescription form to get access to controlled medicines.

What Drugs Do Require This Form?

First of all, if taking into consideration the best sellers, a person may need this paper for various analgesics, antidepressants, lipid-lowering drugs, proton pump inhibitors, and antidiabetic agents. The first group of analgesics is the leading type in Canada, and about 10% of adults aged 40–59 years report its regular usage.

Regarding such popular drugs like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, a person does not need any prescription to buy them. But, it does mean that a consultation with a doctor can be avoided. Even OTC remedies require a visit to a dedicated expert to find out the tolerance, side effects, proper dosage, etc.

What to Pay Attention To?

Nowadays, Canada issues millions of prescriptions yearly. However, it is not a surprise that some people still manage to make fake documentation to buy the necessary drug. Such events are fastly detected, and a person bears negative consequences such as fines and imprisonment. To avoid coming across the situations when you hesitate about the validity of a prescription, follow a few next rules:

  • It should be issued by a dedicated expert only. He should work in an accredited institution and have a license to provide the services. Any person may ask the license on spot. Otherwise, many hospitals or medical services post them online.
  • There should be a signature. Make sure it is clear. Sometimes, pharmacists may doubt the realness of a document when they cannot recognize the signature. But, it can be fixed by contacting the doctor. There is always a number on the form to get in touch with a prescriber.
  • Keep in neat. Prescription is official permission, document, license whatever it is, a person at all times should carefully protect it from the damage. Or, a pharmacy may deny accepting it.

Moreover, always check the date on the form, because if you fail to buy the medication within the indicated dates, you have to go again to the medical establishment and proceed with renewal.

Types of Forms

To distinguish a genuine document from the fake one, a person can always just check in Google how it should look like. If he has the intention to acknowledge their variety, there are a few types presented in the pharmaceutical market in Canada now:

  • General form. It is issued only by General Practitioner, Community Practitioner, Nurse, Supplementary Prescriber, Independent Prescribers, Hospital Unit. There should be obligatorily initials.
  • Secondary form. Issued by GP, Nurse, Independent and Supplementary Prescriber, Hospital Unit. It should be annotated by the main person.
  • Dentist form. Only the medications listed in the Dental Formulary can be prescribed using this form. These experts, in turn, should prescribe generally. But, they may also advise the brand analog.

Other forms:

  • Out of hours centers prescribers.
  • Controlled drug requisition.
  • Private prescribers.
  • Installment dispensing prescription.
  • For a drug addict.
  • Optometrist independent prescribers. These experts can prescribe any licensed, off-license medicines for ocular problems. Unlicensed and controlled drugs are invalid for this form.
  • Pharmacy and hospital prescribers.

If your prescription form does not belong to any category listed above, do not hurry up to throw it away or call it irrelevant. According to the rules, some pharmacies accept also prescriptions obtained from other online pharmacies. They may be valid. But, it is necessary to contact the provider of the drugs to find out more or turn to the healthcare party that definitely has much information on this matter.


I have received a dentist’s form for a painkiller. However, the pharmacy hesitates about the legit of this documentation. What to do?

If it was received from accredited healthcare providers, there should be no stress. Ask a pharmacy to call a doctor or choose another place to buy the drugs.

Can I buy this document online legally?

There are some online pharmacies that charge a small fee for distributing the prescriptions. But, they require a person to indicate medical history, and it may take some time to identify whether a person can receive it. If you mean to buy it just like a piece of paper, such events are illegal.

Do I need a prescription for pet drugs?

As of now, most of the drugs aimed to treat animals are distributed as prescription medications. Thus, check with the veterinary.