OUSU Council is the decision making body of OUSU – a kind of student Parliament. It meets every two weeks during term time and provides an opportunity to hear from the elected OUSU officers about what they've been doing, to hold them to account with questions, and to debate and pass policy on anything from issues that directly affect students (like fee rises or improving student services) to campaigns for social justice (such as supporting a Living Wage in Oxford).

Everyone is welcome to attend OUSU Council and to propose motions and speak, but only certain individuals can vote at Council. These voting members include OUSU’s elected officers, OUSU campaign representatives, OUSU’s Divisional Board Representatives, affiliated JCR/MCR Presidents and a couple of other students from each college – dependent on common room size. As a collegiate university, it makes sense for OUSU to have a council that fairly represents the views of its constituent members.

If you have any questions about Council, get in touch with the Chair of Council who will be happy to help you out.

OUSU Council typically meets four times each term, in Weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7. The minutes of its previous meetings are available below. These meetings provide an opportunity to find out more about what your elected OUSU council is doing and a chance for you to ask questions. You can also get involved by running for various positions.

OUSU Council Policy

OUSU Policy remains valid during the academic year in which it was passed, and for the subsequent three academic years. This means that at the end of each Trinity term, any policy which is due to lapse must be submitted as new or updated motions, in order to retain them. Any policy which is not submitted back to council will lapse at the end of term, and cease to have effect. 


We aim to make council as accessible as possible, and ensure that it is always inaccessible venues. However, if there are any accessibility requirements that we are not meeting for yourself or others, please submit these on this form. Alternatively, you can contact OUSU’s Democratic Support Officer on 01865 611831, or at dso@ousu.ox.ac.uk

Next Meeting of Council

Wednesday 1st March 2017 (7th Week HT17)
5.30pm-7.00pm, TBC

Previous Meetings of Council

Wednesday 15th February 2017 (5th Week HT17)
5.30pm-7.00pm, Maplethorpe Hall, St Hughs

Wednesday 1st February 2017:
3rd Week HT17

Wednesday 18th January 2017:
1st Week HT17

Tuesday 29th November 2016:
Extraordinary Council (8th Week MT16)

Wednesday 23rd November 2016:
7th Week MT16

Wednesday 9th November 2016:
5th Week MT16

Wednesday 26th October 2016:
3rd Week MT16

Wednesday 12th October:
1st Week MT16

Please Note:
OUSU's Communication team will be filming elements of Council as part of a new marketing and communication plan to promote OUSU Council. If you are not happy to be filmed or would like to remain out of the footage please contact Matt Tennant, Membership Services Manager (msm@ousu.ox.ac.uk) or Jo Gregory-Brough, Communications Manager (commsmanager@ousu.ox.ac.uk)


Archive of Council Meetings

View archive of previous council meetings