Healthcare System for Mental Disorder Patients

The role of online pharmacies in the support of patients with mental dysfunctions is great. Offering the most accessible healthcare services and valuable advice, online pharmacies can help in choosing the most proper generic medication for mental health treatment.

Healthcare system for mental disorder patients

The healthcare systems worldwide have lots of drawbacks and gaps, especially when it comes to treating depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental conditions. According to relevant statistics in the United States and Canada, almost 20% of people either live with a mental disorder or are going to discover a mental challenge this year. Each of us is likely to know at least one person, who falls under these statistics.

The Role of My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy supports social initiatives to encourage people to get timely help from healthcare specialists if they face mental challenges. Multiple events have been carried out in 2019 in Canada, the US and some European countries to inform customers about just one fact: mental health is just as important as physical health and requires care, attention, and diagnostics.

At the events organized by the My Canadian Pharmacy the initiative group made presentations on how to prevent mental diseases, what are the warning signs and manifestations, when it’s high time to visit a doctor and how to stick to the proper treatment without overpaying. The pharmacy offers a wide range of generic medications, and the leading group of meds is antidepressants.

Mental Health Medications

These drugs may not be included in some types of medical insurance, so the category is exceptionally popular in patients in North America and beyond. To be able to buy under-the-counter medications legally and officially, the customer is required to send a prescription (a scan or an electronic version). This way My Canadian Pharmacy is sure the medication is shipped to the right person and no laws and legislation nuances are abused.

The medications are shipped to any part of the world. The shipping terms depend on the amount of purchase, the total sum, and your location. If you are interested in mental health support, have already consulted your general practitioner and have a prescription — feel free to shop online. If you haven’t consulted your GP yet, but feel that you may need treatment, there is an option of online consulting, so you can contact our pharmacists to render you medical advice for free on the website.

Patients with mental disorders tend to take several medications and have a complex intake regiment. Also, these medications may have interactions with other drugs and substances — so you should be especially cautious with that. For this reason, patients should be properly informed, and pharmacists are No. 1 persons to do that.


On average, 56% of patients have mental therapy problems: for example, side effects, adverse reactions, difficulties in dosages and breaking the intake schedule. Also, about 82% of patients agree that the price for mental health medications is very high and they would be glad if they could reduce the expenses. My Canadian Pharmacy specialists are glad to inform customers about the medications, make recommendations on the intake and help to choose the most price-effective option on the website (for example, larger packages usually have lower prices per pill in comparison to smaller medication packages).

Online pharmacists

Online pharmacists have a great role in screening the disease. For example, as far as depression is concerned, a lot of customers just don’t have access to mental health services in the place they reside in. And the only sort of medical advice they could get is the online pharmacy free online consulting. It proves how valuable is the role of online pharmacy businesses. The accessibility of pharmacists providing valuable advice helps to render primary care in the field of mental health. There are lots of communication strategies to help pharmacists respond to the needs of people with mental disorders. From educational dialogs, live training, programs, building an online community to sharing a list of helpful resources and health services.

My Canadian Pharmacy believes that close collaboration of health providers, especially in the digital channel, enables people to receive vital follow-up care, support, and navigation. We are glad to be a part of it.