Harassment can take many forms including bullying, stalking, and sexual and relationship abuse. It can affect you deeply, and should be taken very seriously. There are many resources throughout the University and city to support you. You will have a Harassment Advisor in your College or Department. For further information, please contact OUSU's Student Advice Service, who can guide you through the process.

Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Stalking are crimes and can be reported to the police. Call 999 for emergencies, or 101 for non-emergencies. If you are frightened, the police can help you.

College Resources

If you need to speak with someone urgently about an incident you have recently experienced, ask to be directed to the Solace centre. Solace centres are sexual assault referral centres staffed by a range of specialist and experienced professionals including doctors and counsellors who will offer you crisis support and advice.

University Resources

You can read the Univerity's Harassment Policy on their website. Most colleges and departments have a Harassment Advisor who will be able to advise you on the range of options available to you. If you prefer you can contact the network administrator here:

These services may also be useful to you:

Independent Advice

If you have concerns or want more information contact the Student Advice Service.


The Vice President Women is available to speak with anyone wanting to campaign in College on issues connected with harassment. It Happens Here is an OUSU campaign raising awareness of sexual abuse and violence.

Local Resources

National Resources