Advertising with OUSU

Why advertise with OUSU?

  • Reach the entire Oxford student community
  • Utilise high engagement levels and sector leading products — our careers guide is the most read in the country
  • Benefit from joining our community — we only publicise student relevant products and we limit our advertising rate
  • Collaborate with us — as well as our listed products we also work with companies to realise their unique ideas, together
  • Associate with a 900 year history, a global innovator and some of the brightest minds
  • Fulfil your corporate responsibility agenda by advertising with us, as you help OUSU achieve our mission 'to represent, support and enhance the lives of Oxford students'.

How do I advertise?

There are a range of products available, from print media, to email campaigns and web banners. We also manage the annual Freshers' Fair: the only way to interact with 10,000 Oxford students face-to-face.

Please download our Advertising Media Pack to find out more about our products. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

If you'd like to enquire about making a booking, please complete the form below:

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