We’re here to support and enhance your education at Oxford. We support students who are JCC/GJCC Reps, year reps, course reps, class reps, cohort and academic reps in common rooms.  Throughout the year, we offer students a range of support: initial training opportunities, help with surveys and consultations, and assistance in campaigning for change on your course. It’s our aim to develop a highly skilled and committed network of student reps across the University who are committed to improving the standard of education they receive. Whether you are a new rep or a rep in your 2nd/3rd year of the position, we look forward to working with you this year! 

Useful Resources to download 

Student Written Submission 
This is a report, written by OUSU, about students’ academic experiences here at Oxford. It is based on analysis of the results of the Student Barometer Survey, the National Student Survey and 11 student focus groups from around the University. 

Education Vision
This document contains OUSU’s most up to date policies about education. You’ll find our campaigning priorities for the coming years and our stances on particular  academic issues. 

Student Consultation Benchmark
If your department/faculty is consulting students on a particular change affecting you and your fellow course-mates, OUSU has produced this ‘benchmarking tool’, which sets out the standard we expect them to follow.  

Key Course Rep Contacts 

Oliver Holdsworth, Academic Representation Officer

Eden Bailey, Vice-President Access and Academic Affairs 

Marina Lambrakis, Vice President Graduates

Support available to you


If you are a student representative for a course or department, and would like to be trained on what your role entails and how to excel at it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alongside the Into to being a Rep training, there also 1-to-1 training available on request. Please email aro@ousu.ox.ac.uk 


If you would like to run a survey or consultation on a particular issue on your course, OUSU can help design and facilitate it for you. Please email aro@ousu.ox.ac.uk if you would like support in running a survey. 

Divisional Reps

In the University, departments are organized in to four divisions in the University. Each division has divisional board, on which two students sit: one undergraduate, and one postgraduate. These students are chosen by OUSU, and ratified by OUSU council. If you are an academic rep and would like to get in touch with your divisional rep, their contact information is as follows:

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Medical Sciences
Social Sciences
George Haggett


Ayush Prasad


Edward Arbe-Barnes


Anastasia Tsikas


Gabriel Lawson


Arianna Schuler-Scott


Jonas Bovijn


Oliver Rice