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Your Sabbatical Officers 2016-2017

Jack Hampton - SU President Eden Bailey - VP Access and Academic Affairs Bethany Currie - VP Charities and Communities
Jack Hampton
SU President
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Eden Bailey
VP Access & Academic Affairs
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Bethany Currie
VP Charities & Community
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Marina Lambrakis - VP Graduates Orla White - VP Women Sandy Downs - VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities
Marina Lambrakis
VP Graduates
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Orla White
VP Women
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Sandy Downs
VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities
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Part-time Executive Officers

In addition to the 6 full-time (sabbatical) officers, there are 21 part-time, unpaid Executive Officers. They each have a specific portfolio; most of these positions can be held by any student, but some of the portfolios are reserved for postgraduate students, and some for women.

Divisional Board Reps

Divisional Board Representatives represent the students of their Division to their Divisional Board twice a term, in addition to other meeting specified by the Division.

NUS Delegates

6 NUS Delegates are elected in the Statutory Elections in 6th week of Michaelmas term. The elected NUS Delegates together with OUSU's President, represent OUSU at NUS National Conference.