Do you want to improve the experience of 22,000 students at the University of Oxford?

Do you want to experience leading a charity, while being fully paid, for a year?

Do you want to make changes locally and nationally for students at Oxford?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you should think about nominating yourself to ‘Lead Your Students’ Union’ in 2017 in our elections. 

A Little Background on your Students’ Union

Oxford University Students’ Union (or OUSU) is a charity which aims to ensure that every student at Oxford, from the moment they start with us until the moment they graduate, has the best experience possible. Our decisions, policies and what we do are decided by our 22,000 student members.

If you think you could represent and improve the student experience at Oxford, fight for what matters to your fellow students and gain valuable professional experience you’re looking in the right place. We’ve pulled together all the information you will need to run in this election.

Take a look over the below, read the role descriptions and all the small print (especially the Election Regulations) before getting ready to submit your completed nomination form (along with all other required material) to OUSU reception, by 12 noon on Thursday 26th January 2017 (2nd Week).

Download The Nomination Pack The Elections Timeline Complaints and Rules


What Postions Can I Stand For?

Please note:
    [!] You may not run for two positions in the same election, unless you are running for NUS Delegate, which may be combined with any other                candidature. See here for further details.
     [!] Non-matriculated students are not eligible to run in OUSU elections (non-matriculated students includes the majority of visiting students).
     [!] Students who have opted out of OUSU membership will also not be eligible to run in OUSU elections.
The following postions are available:


Extra Notes For Candidates

  • Please note: Applicable to Sabbatical Trustees and Student Trustees ONLY
    → Candidates are reminded that, if elected, they will become both trustees of OUSU as a charity and company directors meaing that you have a legal responsibility to ensure that OUSU is well run.
    Please carefully read the Charity Commission guidance.

       → There are some circumstances that may prevent a person from being a trustee - please see the Nomination Pack for further details.
       → If you're in any doubt about your eligibility become a trustee – contact Josh (OUSU Democratic Support Officer) at before nominating.