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The Elections Timeline The Candidates 2017 Campaigning Guidelines Complaints and Rules


The Elections Timeline

  • Nominations Open || Thursday 19th January (1st Week), 12 Noon

       → Nomination forms will only be processed between 11am – 1pm daily during the nomination period.
       → Large groups (4+ people) wishing to submit nominations are asked to notify the OUSU Reception team prior to arrival – 

  • Workshop for Potential Candidates
       22nd January, OUSU Meeting Room   
       - What is OUSU? (5-6pm)
       - Self-Care During the Elections (6-7pm)

          23rd January, 5-7pm, OUSU Meeting Room
          - Getting Votes 101: How To Build An Online Campaign

         24th January, 5-7pm, OUSU Meeting Room
         - Becoming An Awesome Public Speaker

  • Nominations Close || Thursday 26th January (2nd Week), 12 noon

       → You must return a completed nomination form by 12 noon or your nomination will not be accepted.
       → Any person wishing to be a candidate must provide, with their nomination form and deposit, their BOD card (University ID Card)
            This will be used to verify eligibility requirements – OUSU will take a photocopy.
       → Manifestos (if submitting) must be handed in at the close of nominations BOTH in print form and electronically as a PDF.
            Please email to  and

  • Candidate Briefing || Thursday 26th January (2nd Week), Time/Location TBC
    Please note: Attendance at this briefing is compulsory.
  • Nominations published || Friday 27th January (2nd Week), 12 noon
  • Campaigning Begins || Friday 27th January (2nd Week), 1pm
    Please note: No campaigning can take place before this date/time.

    → All candidates are subject to a strict expenditure limit of £60.00
        [!] All campaign materials must be included
        [!] Materials used must not be provided at a cheaper price than available to any other candidate.

    → A proportion of your candidate expenditure can be reclaimed at the close of the elections.
         Please keep ALL receipts throughout your campaign for this reason.
  • Candidate Manifesto Video Filming || Monday 30th January (3nd Week), 9.30am – 4.30pm   

       →Please note: Optional
           Candidates, if they wish, can film a one minute video of their key manifesto pledges.
           Time slot booking requests will take place at the candidate briefing.

  • Candidate Hustings 1 || Date TBC (3rd Week), Time, Location TBC
  • Candidate Hustings 2 || Date TBC (3rd Week), Time, Location TBC
  • Voting Polls Open || Tuesday 7th February (4th Week), 8am
  • Voting Polls Close || Thursday 9th February (4th Week), 6pm
    → Receipts for campaign expenses must be submitted no later than 45 minutes after polls close.
  • Votes counted || Thursday 9th February (4th Week)
    Elections Results Party || Thursday 9th February (4th Week), from 9pm – Location TBC
  • Complaints Deadline || Friday 10th February (4th Week) 6pm
    The above timetable is subject to change at the discretion of the Elections Committee if necessary to ensure a fair electionDetails of the results evening will be disclosed to all candidates by the Returning Officer.


Extra Notes For Candidates

 If you need a hand – contact Josh (OUSU Democratic Support Officer) at