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Nearly 6,000 of you took the OUSU Welfare read the report!

Hey everyone,

Last term, nearly 6,000 of you took OUSU's Welfare Survey. The report is nowready for you to read

The reason I ran to be OUSU President was to focus on mental healthwelfare, andsupport at Oxford: my aim was to research and write this report. My co-author, Ali (who is OUSU's Vice President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities) and I are so pleased it’s finished and ready for people to see!

Thanks to your responses, the report gives a detailed picture of welfare at Oxford. However, as far as we know, studies with similar response rates haven’t been done at other universities yet. This means we don't know how student welfare, mental health and satisfaction with support at Oxford compares to other unis. We hope this work will be done over the next few years, and we hope our report will be useful in informing future policy and practice on welfare, support and mental health across the colleges and University. 

If you have any questions about the report, please get in touch by replying to this email!

Have a fab week!

Love always,

Becky x

It Happens Here vigil: Saturday 11th June, 8.30pm, Radcliffe Square

(Trigger warning: sexual violence, Stanford case)

 Tomorrow night, OUSU's campaign, It Happens Here, will be holding a vigil outside the RadCam, in solidarity with the Stanford survivor, and survivors of sexual violence everywhere. Come along if you feel able to. 

Useful things to know:

  • National Union of Students (NUS): two weeks ago, Oxford students voted to remain in NUS with a turnout of 27.7%. We want to make sure that NUS hears the concerns of Oxford students, and ideas you may have on how NUS can improve and reform. Please fill out this form if you'd like to give your ideas!


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