Oxford University Students' Union: Motion on the wearing of differential gowns in exams

At Oxford University Students’ Union (OUSU) Council on June 7, a motion was brought to debate our position on differential gowns in exams. During the debate, it was decided in a democratic vote by the student representatives at OUSU Council that the matter should be postponed and considered again once a student consultation had been conducted. The student representatives with voting rights at OUSU Council include representatives of each of the Junior and Middle Common Rooms of the University’s Colleges, as well as other interest group representatives.

Last week, OUSU ran a poll for three days online - the results of which can be found here: ousu.org/news/article/Springtide/All-Student-Consultation-Poll-Results/. The findings of OUSU’s poll are nonbinding and intended to help inform debate at OUSU Council only. The result of this poll will be bought back to OUSU Council along with the original motion to be discussed and voted upon together when Council reconvenes in October 2017. The result of this discussion, in October, may be to change OUSU’s policy on the wearing of gowns. In the circumstance that the motion then passes at OUSU Council, at that point OUSU would adopt a new policy on the wearing of differential gowns in exams. This potential change in policy could involve lobbying the University on this issue, but would not directly and immediately change the University’s rules regarding gowns.

At present, no motion has been passed and OUSU currently has no position on the wearing of differential gowns. This may change once the motion is discussed again at OUSU Council in October 2017, but that depends on how the student representatives at that Council vote.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch: commsmanager@ousu.ox.ac.uk

If you are concerned about who will be in attendance at OUSU Council when this matter is voted upon, please do contact us or your Common Room representatives: dso@ousu.ox.ac.uk



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