#OUSUelects: The Results

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On Thursday 9th February, 4,454 votes were cast to elect your next student leaders for 2017-18. We're pleased to annouce the following results along with full details of all counts.

Your Sabbatical Trustees
President: Kate Cole

VP Access and Academic Affairs: Catherine Canning

VP Charities and Community: Thomas Barringer

VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities: Farheen Ahmed

VP Women: Katy Haigh

Student Trustees 
Alex Curtis
Tarak Nath Gorai
Oliver Rice

NUS Delegates
**Count conducted using NUS recommended method**?
Aliya Yule
Lucasta Bath
Nimah White
Sean O'Neill
Adam Hilsenrath
Ellie Macdonald

Thank you to all of our wonderful candidates and thank you to the 4,454 of you who voted.
A full breakdown of the results, round by round, can be found here


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