OUSU Statement: NUS Officer Allegedly Working To Disable NUS

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On Tuesday 10th January 2017, following reports claiming Richard Brooks (NUS Vice President for Union Development) has been allegedly working to disable the National Union of Students (NUS) by planning to work against a democratically elected president - we would like to express our disappointment in the actions described.

We would like to state that, regardless of any other issues in the NUS and surrounding elected officers, we are disappointed to see an officer supposedly responsible for supporting union development and democracy of the national body working to disable the National Union of Students (NUS) by planning to oust a democratically elected president.

We are also disheartened to see that at a time when students are under sustained attack from the government that elected officers are investing time in activities which put our national representative body into disrepute.

We hope that NUS will do its utmost to become a much more inclusive and supportive organisation, which is not characterised by toxicity, dominated by in-fighting, or hostilities towards certain groups, and instead focuses on campaigning on issues critical to the lives and education of students around the country. We look forward to seeing the outcome of the NUS Trustee Board investigation.



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