Being a woman student at the University of Oxford is a rich and incredible experience. Students all say that getting involved makes their time at Oxford, so check out the campaigns, gender groups, discipline specific organisations or personal development programmes below!

Women’s Campaign

If you feel strongly about issues regarding to women then why not join OUSU's Women's Campaign, autonomous, liberation campaign advocating and acting for women’s rights and the end of sexism, sexist exploitation, and women’s oppression in society.

Graduate Women

Information and resources for graduate women at the University of Oxford.

International Women

International students comprise 14% of the undergraduate and 63% of the graduate student population. Information about social groups as well as organisations providing support and care for interpersonal issues and violence can be found here.


Health and Interpersonal Issues

Life and Welfare: Heathcare, Mental Health, Sexual Health, Eating Disorders, Harrasment & Abuse, Personal Safety, Pregnancy

Women’s/Gender Organisations

Contact Us

If you would like to have events placed in our calendar of events or join any mailing list concerning WomCam, please email OUSU’s Vice President (Women).