On 27th February 2016, OUSU launched the first ever Oxford Students’ Festival. The Festival created an opportunity to celebrate student life at Oxford, outside of academic study, and showcased some of the amazing things that Oxford students do outside of their degrees. We closed the Festival with the 2nd annual Student Awards ceremony and you can read about the winners below.

Student Awards

In the evening, students and staff from across the University gathered to join us in celebrating and congratulating students who have had great success, and made a significant impact, in their lives outside of studying. Seven Awards were open for nominations from students: Outstanding Individual Contribution to Oxford Life; Campaign of the Year; Event of the Year; Club or Society of the Year; Creative Project of the Year; Innovation of the Year; and Outstanding Senior Member. On the evening an a special President's Impact Award was also presented.

President's Award for Outstanding Impact  

Rhodes Must Fall Campaign — winner

Outstanding Individual Contribution to Oxford Life – This award is for an individual (not a group) who has made a lasting impact during their time at Oxford. This can be through involvement in their common room, a club or society, a campaign, student media, through being a student representative, or through any other extra-curricular activities. The winner will have: Had a significant impact on individuals, an organisation or community. Shown commitment and dedication over a long period of time.

Chris Williams 
Peter Pang
Freya Turner — honourable mention
Emma Lawrance — winner

Campaign of the Year – This is award is for a campaign which has made a significant, measurable impact in Oxford over the past calendar year. The winning campaign will have: Fought for and delivered real change for others, and engaged a wide number of students across Oxford.

Living Wage
Oxford Curry Runners
On Your Doorstep — winner 

Event of the Year – This award is for a successful event run by students, for students over the past calendar year. The winning event will have: Been well attended, especially relative to the size of the society Been well organised, with evidence of considerable planning Been significantly different to other events previously carried out in Oxford Had a positive effect on the Oxford community, benefitting other students.

Rhodes Must Fall Protest  
Kanye West at the Guild – honourable mention
TedXOxford — winner

Club or Society of the Year – This award is for a student club or society that has best engaged students through its activities over the past calendar year. The winning society will have: Had a high level of membership involvement. We will also take into consideration the level of involvement from atypical members, for example non-national members for national societies. Held regular events, and provided new and interesting opportunities to students. Provided opportunities for personal development to its members. Made a significant contribution to life within the University, including working with other clubs and societies and hosting open events. Worked to ensure the long-term sustainability of the club or society.

OU Amateur Boxing Club
OU Historical Re-enactment/Wychwood Warriors
OU Italian Society — winner

Creative Project of the Year - This award is for a project or event, run by an individual or a group of students in the past calendar year that has shown the full capacity of student creativity and engaged other Oxford students. The winner will have: Shown high levels of creativity and innovation Had significant participation from students Achieved the goals required of the project Laid the groundwork of a successful event / project to be followed in subsequent years. Winners may have: Launched a student journal or magazine Run an exhibition Put on a play/musical/show Set up a radio show.

Art for the Heart
Caring for Creation
RENT — honourable mention 
A Bad Kiss — winner

Innovation of the Year – This award is for a project, society, or event run by an individual or group of students in the past calendar year, that takes an innovative approach to elements of Oxford life, demonstrating the core values of being exciting, dynamic and sustainable. The winner will have: Used new approaches to engage with and/or represent students. Achieved exceptional results through introducing fresh and different ideas. Solved problems in a unique and sustainable way. Winners may have: Developed an app for students Established a new society Set up a business Run and organised a new and unique type of common room event.

Oxford Women Self Care
Ox Co-op
The Oxford Accelerator — winner

Outstanding Senior Member – This award is for a senior member of a student club or society who has supported a student society for a significant amount of time. The winner will have: Supported committee members to ensure the long-term success of the club or society. Shown commitment and dedication to the society. Had a long-term involvement in the club or society or been integral in supporting the start up and growth of the club or society.

Dr Mark Whittow — winner