OUSU's Student Community Warden Scheme was set up to manage relations between students and permanent residents and to find ways of working with the local community on areas of joint interest. Currently we have eight wardens, four who work in the Jericho area and four who work in East Oxford.

The Community Wardens help to maintain positive relations in areas with high densities of students, represent students at community meetings, distribute information and organise local initiatives. They work with a number of organisations, from the City Council's Waste and Recycling Team, to Oxford Brookes' student wardens to streamline work being done locally to integrate students into the local community.

Community Wardens receive significant support and training from OUSU in order to be able to do their job as effectively as possible, and they develop a wide rage of skills that will help them in later life.

To contact the East Oxford Student Community Wardens, email communitywardens.eastoxford@ousu.ox.ac.uk.

To contact the Jericho Student Community Wardens, email communitywardens.jericho@ousu.ox.ac.uk.

For more information about the scheme or if you are interested in being a Community Warden, contact the Vice-President (Charities and Community).

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