Oxford is an exciting and vibrant city to live in. Whether you're an undergraduate, a postgraduate or a visiting student, there are loads of opportunities for you to get involved in the city that you live in. An important way that OUSU interacts with the local community is through our Community Warden scheme, which we would love you to be a part of. Students in Oxford can also be found engaging in local politics and volunteering. In this section you'll find information about how OUSU is working with the local community and ways you can get involved.

OUSU has strong links with Oxford City Council and local organisations. We believe that working closely with the local community gives students a chance to affect and help the development of Oxford as a city. Our Vice-President for Charities and Community is always available if you want to find out more about the work that we do together - work that ranges from joint forums and sports outreach programmes, to campaigning on local issues that affect both students and permanent residents.

For more information on getting students involved in your campaign, cause, charity or community group take a look here.