Founded by OUSU in 1982, Target Schools aims to inspire and support able prospective students who might be put off by damaging myths and stereotypes. Target Schools is student-led and responsible both for coordinating undergraduate volunteers who wish to do school visits and for running Oxford's only shadowing scheme.

Being student-led we feel that we can give a unique perspective on access issues whilst also making sure the content of access campaigns remain accessible and relevant. We want it to be easy and worthwhile to get involved: we run training sessions called ‘Target Schools Teas’ where we aim to help you develop your public speaking skills - and there is only the need to attend one during your time at Oxford.

Get Involved

The easiest way to get in touch is by emailing  This will put you in direct contact with the two Co-Chairs who should be able to answer your query (or otherwise put you in contact with someone who can). For more information email us at or visit