On Your Doorstep is OUSU's newest campaign. We aim to be a focal point to provide students with information about what they can do to help end homelessness.

Oxford currently has the second highest level of homelessness per capita in the country. But many students are unaware of all the facts surrounding the issue of homelessness, or want to help tackle the issue but are unsure of what they can do.

On Your Doorstep aims to clear up misconceptions and make it easy for students who wish to help to be able to do so, from providing collection boxes in colleges to make it easy to donate to homeless charities, to running awareness events in term time.

Here's a 30 second action to get started: save 0300 500 0914 in your phone. This is the StreetLink number to call if you are worried about someone who is sleeping rough - StreetLink can connect homeless people with local support and services.  

Get Involved

Visit our website for facts about homelessness, our upcoming events, and information on the many ways to get involved in tackling the issue.

We meet at 7pm every Tuesday in the OUSU building. Email onyourdoorstep@ousu.ox.ac.uk for more information - or like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, where we regularly post articles on homelessness.