The Mind Your Head Campaign aims to increase awareness of mental health issues among students and to reduce the stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental illness. We work to empower students to look after their mental wellbeing, to encourage them to seek help when needed, and to look out for others in need of support.

The Mind Your Head Campaign has three aims: to raise awareness of mental illness, to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness, and to promote mental wellbeing in the student population. It is a relatively new campaign, having been founded in November 2011 and officially launched in March 2012, but it has made rapid progress. Our main activity has been in organising awareness-raising events in JCRs and MCRs.

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Our website is where students can submit articles about their experience of mental illness in Oxford. Those articles have sparked a great deal of interest across the University, and have made great leaps towards creating an environment in Oxford in which mental illness is no longer a taboo subject.

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If you are passionate about mental health, or if you just want to learn more about the campaign, email to get involved.