A job should keep you out of poverty, not in it.

What connects the scout who cleans your room, the porter who guards your College, and the Tesco employee who works in the UK's biggest retailer? It may be that they're being paid a wage that equates to poverty pay...

The Oxford Living Wage Campaign believes that the National Minimum Wage of £6.31/hour is not enough for workers in Oxford to provide their families with the essentials of life. In partnership with workers, academics and community groups, the Living Wage Campaign empowers students to fight for improved pay and conditions for low paid employees in the University and the wider community.

Over the past year a number of Colleges have agreed to pay their employees at least the Living Wage of £7.65/hour, and we need your help to ensure that the University and remaining Colleges sign up too!

If you're someone who wants to have a lasting impact in the lives of people you interact with every day, the Living Wage Campaign is for you.

Get Involved

We meet at 5-6pm every Thursday of term in OUSU. Follow us on Facebook and twitter to keep up to date with what we're doing. For more information email livingwage@ousu.ox.ac.uk.