The LGBTQ Campaign is the political campaigning arm of Oxford’s queer community. It is supported by OUSU both financially and through the LGBTQ Officer but is free to form its own policy and choose which issues to focus on.

Oxford Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer campaignIn the past year, the campaign has been working on improving the experience of trans students at Oxford by investigating the current policy on name and gender marker changes, working towards relaxing subfusc rules, and making common room events more inclusive. As well as continuing with these, we plan to work on making sure new buildings have gender-neutral facilities, and unnecessary gender boxes on forms are removed. In the past, we have campaigned against the blood donation ban and produced an ‘It Gets Better’ video. We also mobilised to protest against a conference held in Oxford by a homophobic organisation. 

Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to join in, or bring new ideas and causes to the table, so get involved! For more information email us at and like our page on Facebook.

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Oxford University LGBTQ Society Handbook