OUSU Environment and Ethics brings together students from across the University who want to make a change with regard to environmental and ethical issues – within the colleges, across the University, and in the wider world.!

Get Involved!

Anyone who would like to get involved is very welcome to join. We meet every Monday during term time at 5-6pm in OUSU. Come along if you'd like to find out more, or get in touch with the E&E Chair.


Fossil Fuel Divestment

In order to avoid “dangerous” climate change, we can only burn around one quarter of known fossil fuel reserves. [CarbonTracker.org] Unfortunately, fossil fuel companies show no signs of leaving the majority of their reserves unexploited; many are actively searching for new fossil fuel deposits. As a result, we are campaigning to have the University stop investing its endowment in fossil fuel companies- a leading university with a duty of care towards its students should not be funding climate change.


Going vegetarian can cut your carbon footprint by up to 20%. OUSU runs #VeggiePledge every November, where students pledge to cut their meat consumption for the month. To find out more information visit the Facebook page.

Reducing waste

At the end of every term, OUSU runs collections for the Community Emergency Foodbank and the British Heart Foundation, to reduce the amount of waste produced. Last year we collected over £18,000 worth of donations for the British Heart Foundation. Around 80% of household waste can be recycled. For more information, visit http://www.oxford.gov.uk/recycling.

Student energy saving campaigns

Snap it Off! Campaign Snap it Off!

NUS created Snap it Off in response to concerns from students about how much energy is being wasted through unnecessary lighting. Not just on campus, but everywhere! For more information, visit snapitoff.nus.org.uk/.

Student SwitchOff campaignStudent Switch Off

The Student Switch Off is a not-for-profit campaign encouraging student action on climate change. For more information about Student Switch Off, visit www.studentswitchoff.org/.

Green Impact

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme, bringing together staff and students to green colleges, curriculums and communities across the country. This year around 40 teams are participating across the University. OUSU are hoping to get a gold award.