Oxford provides a wide range of support services. Here are brief details of some of the available options.

Support in college

There are people in your college who are there to support your welfare needs. These include:

Common Room Welfare Officers

All common rooms will have at least one Student Welfare Officer, whose role is to provide information to students who seek help. The Student Advice Service is actively engaged in training college Welfare Officers to equip them with the basic skills they need to signpost you to specialist advice.

Peer Support Team

Most colleges have a group of students who have undergone training. Peer supporters are there to listen, if you want to sit down for a chat or need to get something off your chest. 

Welfare Dean/Welfare Tutor/Chaplain

Every college has a tutor who is responsible for the welfare of students. They can listen impartially and in confidence to any student.

College Doctor or Nurse

Colleges will normally have a nurse or doctor who holds regular surgery hours. You can talk to them confidentially about anything affecting your mental or physical health.

College/Personal Tutor

In some colleges you will be allocated a tutor who is responsible for your non-academic wellbeing. In other colleges this role is the responsibility of your main subject tutor. You may find it useful to talk to them and ask their advice if anything's going on in your life that might affect your academic work.

Support in the University

The Counselling Service

The University Counselling Service is a confidential service staffed by professionally trained counsellors who can help you with emotional and psychological issues that may impact your quality of life as a student.

Many students use this service during their time at Oxford and you don’t need to be in the middle of a crisis to book an appointment.


Nightline is a listening service run by students for students. It operates from 8pm-8am each night during term time (weeks 0-9). The service is confidential, impartial and non-judgmental with no religious, political or social bias. There will always be a man and a woman on shift and you can ask to speak to whichever makes you feel more comfortable. You can talk about anything you like and the volunteers will be happy to talk to you for as long as you want.

You can phone them on 01865 (2)70270 or visit them at 16 Wellington Square.

The Student Advice Service

If you have concerns or want more information contact the Student Advice Service.