Students arrive at university with different ideas and experiences about sex. For many, it's an exciting time of personal development, experimentation, and forming new and intimate relationships.

It’s a time for finding out who you are and feeling good about yourself, for being able to choose to have sex, or not to have sex, and feeling comfortable and accepted about your sexual orientation. It's also a time when you have to take responsibility for your sexual health and safety.

Sexual Health

In terms of physical health, you'll want to keep yourself safe from sexually transmitted infections and the chance of an unplanned pregnancy. The best way to do this is by using contraception.

There are a number of ways you can get contraceptive supplies.

  • The C card scheme allows you to get free condoms pidged to you in college. Ask your college Welfare Officer or sign up with the Student Advice Service or at Fresher’s fair.
  • OUSU supply Welfare Officers with cost-priced condoms, dental dams and pregnancy tests to distribute to Common Rooms.

Getting Checked

If you are having sex then it’s worth getting regular testing to check that you haven't picked up an STI and to treat any infection before it causes long-term damage.

  • GUM Clinics offer testing, treatment, screening for chlamydia and advice on all aspects of sexual health and family planning.
  • Your college Doctor or Nurse will be able to supply you with chlamydia testing kits
  • Your Common Room Officers run testing session within your college, in association with Oxfordshire Sexual Health Services and OUSU.

Sexual Consent

OUSU runs Consent Workshops for common rooms, clubs, and societies. If your community would like to hold a consent workshop, please contact the VP Women, Katy Haigh, on

Check out the Consent Workshop Report 2017.

Independent Advice

If you are concerned, you may wish to consider speaking to an Advisor at the Student Advice Service.