Becoming pregnant when you want to be can be a wonderful time. It’s important to make sure you access the right services to help you and your baby be happy and healthy. Equally, finding out you or your partner is pregnant when you or they don’t want to be can be frightening and stressful. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and remember – you are not alone.

Health Advice

The first thing to do is to contact your GP or College nurse. They will help you access the right healthcare services.

The Student advice Service

OUSU runs the Student Advice Service, a free and confidential information, advice and advocacy service for students. An Advisor can speak with you about the range of options open to you. An Advisor can also help guide you through how best to approach being a student parent and discuss any issues you may have regarding maternity or paternity leave.


OUSU provides pregnancy tests at cost price Common Rooms. So contact your Welfare Officer if you would like a pregnancy test.

University Resources

The University allows students to suspend up to three terms for parental leave. You will need to speak with your college administrators to submit the appropriate paperwork, but tutors, supervisors, and/or funding bodies will also need to know, so provisions for time of leaving and return can be arranged. If you require any advice or support regarding University Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave policy contact the Student Advice Service. The University Childcare Services has information for student parents. Including information on funding and nursery places.

Local Resources

Oxford County council has information on a range of services it offers parents including information on healthcare child-minders, nurseries and the practical aspects of starting a family.


You can access abortion free on the NHS.
To do so, you can get in contact directly with an abortion provider, your GP, or a GUM/sexual health clinic. Information on sexual health services in Oxford can be viewed here.

Most abortions in England and Wales are carried out before 24 weeks. Abortions after 24 weeks may be carried out under certain circumstances.

See the NHS advice on abortion for more details.