According to the National Union of Students, 50-70% of new UK students feel homesick in their first few weeks at University, and yet few people seem to talk about it. We at OUSU want to make sure that, whatever you are feeling, you have the help and support you need to enjoy your time at University, and make the most of every opportunity.

If you are concerned, you may wish to consider speaking to an Advisor at the Student Advice Service.

Here are our ten top tips for tackling homesickness:

  • Make your room feel like home: It may sound silly, but you’ll be spending lots of time in it, so make it reflect a little bit of your personality. Sources of inspiration include, fairy lights, photos of friends old and new, get a rug, some cushions… let your creative streak come out. Email us your top tip!
  • Keep in touch with home: Bottling up how you feel is never good, so speak to people from home and encourage friends and family to come and see you in your new setting. You can also visit home, but give yourself a few weeks to settle in first. Don’t let looking back hinder you moving forward.
  • Get into routines: Establish a day when you do your food shopping, get your books out for the week’s essay, a time to get up each morning etc. Routines will help you feel more settled in Oxford. Make friends with the people around you: why not put a sign on your door saying 'Knock if you’d like a cup of tea'? Make plans to cook a meal with your neighbours and invite friends from other colleges.
  • Set realistic expectations: Establish a balance between life and work. You are not expected to work all of the time, but if you don’t give enough time to work, you may fall behind. Aim for success not perfection. You have earned a place at Oxford, and are capable and competent.
  • Food and sleep: In order to be physically and mentally prepared for a term at Oxford, you need to ensure you get enough rest, and eat a healthy diet to give you the energy you need. Tweet us your top recipe!
  • Alcohol: Try to avoid too much alcohol, as it can have a negative impact on how you feel. If you are worried about how much alcohol you are drinking or need help or advice contact the Student Advice Service.
  • Clubs, societies and campaigns: Reach out beyond your work - join a club, society or campaign, even if you didn’t manage to at Freshers' Fair. This way, you can make friends based on shared interests, and will be doing something other than work!
  • Learn to manage your time: Having the ability to know how best to study can help you to manage your time and your workload. See if your college or department is putting on Study Skills sessions, and check out the Student Advice Service Study Skills page.

Independent Advice

If you have concerns or want more information please contact the Student Advice Service.