Students at Oxford are subject to two separate sets of regulations about how they should behave: College regulations (found in your college handbook) and the University Statutes and Regulations.

Breaches of College Disciplinary Regulations:

Each college has its own Code of Conduct and college regulations that explain how students are expected to behave. These can be found in your College Handbook and on your college website. You are expected to know these rules and abide by them. If you break them the Dean and/or the Governing Body can impose sanctions.

Appealing a decision regarding a breach of College Disciplinary Regulations

If you wish to appeal a disciplinary decision imposed by your college you should look at your College Handbook and college student contract for the procedures of how to do this.

If your appeal is rejected and you are not happy with the outcome, you can appeal to the Conference of Colleges Appeal Tribunal (CCAT). This is a body of the Conference of Colleges, which considers appeals on College disciplinary procedures and is not a University appeal body.

Breaches of University Disciplinary Regulations:

The Proctors investigate alleged offences of misconduct and bring charges against students who infringe University Regulations. It can be very upsetting to find that you are subject disciplinary proceedings. The Student Advice Service is here to support and guide you during this time, so please do get in touch if you need help. The Proctors will hold an investigation and then ask you in writing to attend an interview where they will ask you questions. You are allowed to take someone with you to the interview to support you: an Advisor from the Student Advice Service can come with you, if you choose.

Minor offences

If the Proctors think a minor offence has been committed they will invite you to a formal Proctors Disciplinary Hearing where evidence will be presented. If the Proctors decide there is no case to answer, you will be informed in writing and the case is closed. If you admit the alleged offence, or are found guilty, the Proctors may impose a fine of up to £300 compensation or a written warning about future conduct.

More serious offences

If the Proctors think a serious offence has been committed they will refer the matter to the Student Disciplinary Panel. If it is decided that there is no evidence, the case is closed. If there is evidence, you will be informed of the decision in writing within 14 days. Please contact an Advisor if you need to discuss the implications of a disciplinary hearing.

Appealing a Decision about University Disciplinary Regulations

If you wish to appeal the Student Disciplinary Panel decision you can apply for permission to appeal to the Student Appeal Panel. The Student Appeal Panel will decide whether to confirm the current decision or to impose a different penalty. If permission to appeal to the Student Appeal Panel is denied that is the end of the internal University appeal process. Students can then appeal to the OIA.

For more information and advice please get in touch with The Student Advice Service.