Colleges and departments at Oxford treat applications from all students on the grounds of academic ability for the chosen subject, not disability of any kind. The University is responsible for making reasonable adjustments to facilitate access to courses.

Disabled Students' Guide

This guide aims to give an overview of the services at Oxford University that can support you as a disabled student, and to give you a sense of what it’s like to live and study here. You can also download a PDF version of the Disabled Student's Guide.


Before you Apply

Before submitting your application to Oxford, we advise you to consider the requirements of your chosen course, identifying any elements that might present particular difficulties. We recommend that you visit your college and department to explore facilities and discuss specific needs.

The University has a department whose job it is to clear the barriers for students with disabilities called the Disability Advisory Service. Staff at The Disability Advisory Service will be happy to help with your pre-application visit: tell them in advance so they can make the necessary plans for you. It is really important to contact your chosen Department and Disability Advisory Service as early as possible in the application process, in order to given them time to arrange adjustments and organise support. 

The Disability Advisory Service can also be contacted to discuss a study-related needs assessment and to advise on financial assistance that may be available, such as welfare grants or the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

If you want independent advice, why not speak to an Advisor at the Student Advice Service.

When you arrive at Oxford

We recommend that all students with disabilities make an appointment with the Disability Advisor. The Advisor will speak with you about your needs and help you to negotiate any special requirements you may have, for example by submitting an application to the University to have more time when sitting your exams. The Advisor will also be able to help you acquire any special equipment you need or additional support services.

Student Advice Service

The Student Advice Service is the only free, independent and confidential advice, information and advocacy service exclusively available to Oxford University Students. If you have concerns or want more information please speak to an Advisor at the Student Advice Service.

Get Involved

The Oxford Students' Disability Community is a group of interested students who represent the needs and aspirations of students with disabilities within the University. Why not get involved? OUSU's Vice President Welfare and Equal Opportunities is available to speak with anyone wanting to campaign in college on issues connected to disabled students.

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